Love, Family & Flowers


Time got away from me once my vacation started. I spent four lovely days with Mike who is pictured in the first photo with Josephine the ewe. We got to know each other better though cooking, talking and spending time together. The relationship is going far better than I had hoped for when imagining what a relationship would look like for me. I’m often surprised recently at people who tell me how lucky I am to find love in my mid forties as if love is only the domain of the young. I have dated more in my forties than I ever did in my twenties and thirties. I was happily single and through trial and error on five different dating sites I narrowed down for me what I was looking for in a relationship. My mom married her third husband in her early seventies and I have friends who have found love in their eighties. I have not wanted to settle for a partner just so I’m not alone. I’m happy with myself and took a chance on a man who I may have passed by before. We have much in common between a love of animals, science, the night sky and birds. 

Another part of my vacation involved heading to New Hampshire for my oldest nephew’s wedding. It was a great time. I shared my room with my other nephew. Upon arriving I joined most of my family for a dinner at the tiki bar on the lake. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my oldest sister’s family Saturday afternoon prior to the wedding. I got to know my nieces better as we don’t always get to see each other between college and work schedules. It really meant a lot to me. The wedding itself was beautiful on many levels. My nephew and his wife make a happy couple and I have my nephew to thank for encouraging me to seek new relationships and not give up. That’s me waiting for the ceremony to start. 

With all the rain we have gotten the flowers have exploded. Lilies black eyed Susan’s and magnolias. I love them all. 

We have had some bangers of storms and the last photo was taken after a particularly nasty storm blew through and then just before sunset the sun broke through producing the amazing color sky. 

What are your plans for the Fourth of July?  

Just wanted to thank everyone who stops by to check out my blog I’m especially thankful for those who continued to check it over the last month in spite of no new posts. I love interacting with everyone. Happy Fourth of July if you live in the United States and happy Saturday if you live elsewhere .


Vacation, Love & Sharing


I’m getting ready for a week and a half vacation from both UPS and pet sitting. It has been eight months since I have been off from both jobs. I will finally have time to see my boyfriend’s place this weekend. He brought me an early birthday present today-a DVD set I asked for. I can’t wait to watch it. He is also making me dinner for my birthday. It’s been a long time since a man has cooked for me. It is an exciting time for me. The new man and I have been able to spend about three days a week together. I took him to meet my Mom and stepdad this past weekend. It went really well. The best part is I have taken him to two art shows in the past two weeks and he happily goes. He is a keeper.

I’m looking forward to my nephew’s wedding next weekend. I tried on my dress last night and it fits! Yahoo! The wedding is in New Hampshire. I’ve never been to the lake where the wedding is being held. 

A coworker brought his sons to work tonight and they were quite precocious. They came into my office and my coworker pointed out my wild shoes to his sons. One showed me his shoes while the other crouched down and wanted a closer look at my shoes. They loved them told me have fun as they were going with their dad to get ice cream. I got a kick out the kids. Another coworker’s wife had a baby recently and he shared pictures of the newborn with me. He told me all about the birth too and was astonished the doctors asked if he wanted to be at the business end during the birth. He told me he just kept fanning his wife’s face to help keep her cool. He had me laughing out loud telling me the story.

And now for the photos. The first one I took at the farm with the rose trellis. The second photo is irises at my mom’s the third is a photo of my new man with my mom. Josephine makes me laugh the way she uses fence posts and buckets to use as a pillow. I love the head shot of flash. 

I hope may has treated you well and the weather is fair where you are. May June bring happiness and peace. Namaste.

Irises & Roses


Irises, Venus & Grace


The last two days have been hot, humid, overcast and stormy. I love the contrast the gray sky gives to highlight the flowers. The garden at the farm is a show stopper every year but this year my boss has outdone herself with the flowers and all the colors blooming. The variety of colors with the irises is amazing. The irises were covered with raindrops this nothing and drew me in. If I ever have room to grow a garden I will plant many irises. 

I included the statue of Venus as love is at the forefront of my life at the moment. Things are going so amazingly well with my new man I had no idea I would ever love again but it seems I have found it with Mike. I am still employing some of Opposite George from Seinfeld and it is working. I am being openly honest in the rejstionship and putting out there what I want and need without beating around the bush. In previous relationships I was quiet about what I wanted and was often reluctant to share what I need. It is amazing to be with someone who took time to know me, talks openly and honestly and does not stifle my life or independence. It is lovely to be with someone who wants to be with me a person who I don’t have to fight to be noticed or wonder if they even know I am there. When we speak we talk of a future.

I was able to get a number of photos of Grace the ewe this morning. She was camera shy and elusive all winter by today she was mellow and let me snap a few photos of her. I shared her photo with Mike and he sees what I see with the elderly sheep-dignity and an ancient wisdom. 

I hope you enjoy the spring time weather and nature reawakening after a long winter. Have a beautiful week!

Channeling George Costanza, Relief & Hope


I decided to embrace Seinfeld’s character George Costanza when George did the opposite of what he would normally do. I applied it to my looking for a new relationship. I was on two dating sites. I reactivated one profile but did not have much success there. I was brutally honest on the second website and wrote in three sentences what I was looking for. I found I am popular among men who wish to have affairs despite my statement I’m only looking for a single person. I had one man message me telling me he knew how to make fat women happy. Thanks but I’m already happy and don’t need you to make me happy. Most people don’t understand that sentence but it is one I live by. After a week on the site I actually started talking to a man who lives fairly close. We have been on three dates and talk every day. The best is our schedules seem to work well together a rare find with my quirky work hours. He never once batted an eye about my working at ups at night. He actually has taken time to get to know me and we can discuss astrophysics together. He is older than me by eight years and honestly a real sweetheart. Hopefully things continue to move forward. I have not scared him off yet with my honesty and what I am looking for. I have really spoken my mind this time. Another George change for me. 

I am ever so grateful lambing season is over. Perhaps next year I won’t stress as much. I did better than I thought I would and my two bosses make it quite easy for me. They were always available for questions or assistance. I believe the final count was thirty lambs. I only named two in honor of my brother in law. We share a love of Star Trek. I named the first born lamb Riker and bell’s lamb Dr. Crusher. I do not name many lambs as they are raised for meat and I know they will be gone in about eight or nine months. I was kind of honored when one ewe cane up to me recently while I was checking on the herd and just wanted me to scratch her ears. She is not one who usually wants attention and the fact she sought me out made me feel loved. 

I received a beautiful leather journal in the mail today and can’t wait to write in it. I have to pare down some of my photos on my phone as I am running out of space. I find when I’m happy I take photos. I’m busy this month with pet sitting so I hope to be able to pare down the photos at some of my overnight jobs when it is quiet. I’ve been quietly expanding my business too with success. 

As for the pictures I’ve chosen for this post. They are all from the farm and as you can tell I love my close ups. I even caught a bee in one photo. 

I’ve slowly started to allow myself to perhaps think of myself as part of a couple and wonder what is down the road. I will see. I’m optimistic either way. Before I close check out the night sky! Where I live I can see Venus, Jupiter, the moon and Saturn all in a line around 9:35-11:00. It is wonderful. Blessings to all! 

An Open Heart & Beautiful Souls


How time marches forward. I gave myself time to grieve over the ending of mine and NYC relationship. I miss him but am moving on. I decided I was not going to let the experience dull my desire to be with someone on my terms. I got on two online dating sites and after many conversations and exchanges I am hoping to meet in person a new man in my life next week. He only lives an hour from me. I’ve been enjoying getting to know him. I’m hopeful things will work so stay tuned. 

I got the results of my blood draw and was told my vitamin d level was very low and explained my lack of energy. Otherwise the rest of the results are marvelous and again the doctor seems surprised that I am so healthy despite being overweight according to the bmi index. I’m one of those fit but fat people you may have heard of. I was surprised when people named the most beautiful woman of the year I did not make the cover but alas skinny always wins. It has taken me forty five years to be comfortable with every aspect of me and I intend to enjoy myself. I think people forget to see the beauty of a person’s soul they only see what is on the outside. 

For the photos I’ve chosen. The first was the sheep heading back out to pasture after evening feeding. The second was a curious lamb. Reflections in the pond and a petunia. Finally flowers from my boss in appreciation for my work. Wow was I surprised.

I’m hopping to write more once the vitamin d kicks in. Have a great Thursday! And don’t forget to keep getting back up with an open heart after life kicks you down. It can make all the difference. Namaste 

Reflections, Being Taken Seriously and Spring


I try to look for the good in everything and everybody. I’m no Pollyanna but I don’t feel life is all doom and gloom. With that being said life has been fairly challenging financially, emotionally and mentally. I’m still struggling to adjust to my new bosses at my night job. The company I work for changes management every other year or so, some years go smoothly others not so much. Usually I roll with the punches and keep going. This is my ninth management change in eighteen years and this one has been hardest on me. I have had more responsibilty put on me. My boss’s style of managing is not one I’m used to but I’ll have to adjust. I am amused by those who feel the need to kiss ass to feel important with the new boss. I learned long ago I cannot kiss someone’s butt for my job it may have cost me professionally but my morals and ethics are intact.

Pet sitting has been busy. Lots of dogs to walk, cats to care for insulin to be given to cats and dogs, lambing, people calling almost begging me to be added to my client list. I find that most surprising as I think of myself as under the radar but apparently I’m not. The only advertising I do is my website and word of mouth. I’m very selective in who I take on. I do not care for high maintenance people or pets. And I keep my list smaller than others to give the pets the best care I can. I have a firm policy of not watching puppies, kittens, foals or calves. The only babies I care for are lambs and chicks. I find it amusing how people perceive pet sitting-some think it’s a quaint side job, others think it’s a hustle. My boss at the farm almost fell over when I told him I have a BS in Animal Science. I take my job seriously and am always trying to learn more about caring for dogs, cats, lambs, chickens and horses. I have had a lot of people calling me for house sitting and home checks next winter as three of my house sitting clients had neighbors whose pipes froze and broke during this past winter due to no one checking in on the homes on a regular basis. I was able to catch a pipe issue before it caused damage. I love being able to sort of make my own schedule with pet sitting and enjoy my hours and all the pets I care for. I just wish people would take what I do seriously and not as a side hustle. 

I still have not heard anything from NYC and am slowly moving on. It has been hard. At this point I hope he is ok and I hold no ill will against him. I just don’t understand what happened and perhaps that is my lesson to learn from this. Not everything has answer and that’s ok. 

I’m looking forward to some time off this week to regroup and reassess where I am. I’m hoping to head to Assateague island on Wednesday. Hoping to see the ponies!

Ok now for the photos.. The first one I took at the farm last night from the side view mirror of my car. I loved it. The next two are flowers of course, one a cherry or apple tree I can never remember and forsythia. My favorite roosters feathers close up. And I loved the way the ewe and lamb are looking at me. The lamb was not hers but I thought they were cute together. 

I hope life is going well for you and I hope to be out of my funk soon. Happy spring everyone!

Spring Showers with Flowers


Some spring color in spite of all of the gray, rainy days. I love all the color. Have a beautiful Wednesday.   

Bells, Quiet & Movies


I’m watching my cousin and her wife’s dog for a few days while they are on vacation. Watching their dog has allowed me to slow down for a few days. We take a number of walks a day, she doesn’t complain about my music and we like the same movies. Last night we watched Witness for the Prosecution and today we watched two James Bond movies-Goldeneye and Casino Royale. 

The farm was quiet today. I enjoyed taking photos. I was trying to get a picture of Bells lamb with the black chin but she is quick and independent. That’s Bells and her lamb in the first photo. The next photo is of number seven who is a ham. All the lambs gather in two spots while their moms eat and that is the third picture. The gathering, 

The sunset tonight and the moon through my bedroom window. I’m looking forward to some time off from my night job next week and am counting down the days. I’m hoping to clean do a little gardening and go to Assateague. I hope to read more too. And I really need to do my taxes. I’m a last minute filer. 

Have a beautiful Monday and thanks for all the interaction the last few days!

Mindfulness, Readjusting and Happy Easter


One week on and I’m readjusting to the changes in my life. I find writing helps me as well as poetry. I practice tai chi and mindfulness. I’m still hurting but not quite as much. I still have no answer from NYC in spite of reaching out to him. I have immersed myself in photography and reading. And am enjoying chatting with my friends on Facebook. I play trivia crack and have been playing with the same player for about two weeks. I like this person as the game we play goes on for a few days each time. So far he has won far more than I have but I hold my own. I suck at the entertainment category but kick butt with history , science, geography and art. 

With the exception of the daffodil picture I took all of these today. There are twenty seven lambs at the farm. The first lamb picture are two of the bottle babies this morning.  I loved how the sun came across them.  The next one is of Freckles and her twins. The twins are her first lambs and she seems to be a good mother. The next photo is a close up of number six. A clivia blooming in the greenhouse and finally Josephine with Jessica at sunset. 

I felt energized at the farm today rather than feeling overwhelmed. I believe all the lambs are born. They gather in large groups in the field and go looking for trouble. They run, jump and act silly. They make me laugh. I still love the elderly ewes more but the lambs are cute. 

In readjusting my thinking around my current life I find myself drawn to art and writing and am looking to hopefully donate my things I no longer need. It was a long gray and cold winter not as much snow as my brethren up north but long none the less. Usually the winter wheat will be higher than it is now but I’m glad to see it at three inches out of the ground. Ospreys are nesting, trees are budding and flowers are starting to open. I’m looking forward to some time off in a week or so. 

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts to my previous post. It helped me a lot. 

Have a happy Easter!



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