Good Fences…& Moving Forward 

Well I never thought I’d be living with someone again but Mike and I have made the decision to live together. I’ve slowly started moving in and have been deciding what to keep and what to repurpose. I’ve moved one bookcase as well as a nightstand. We are having my mom and stepdad over tomorrow and then attending his mom’s party Sunday. I certainly did not think when I first started talking with Mike that we would someday live together or even consider a future together. I have to say I will miss my apartment. I have stayed there the longest in the past twenty years. It was great to have a permanent home that I did not have to worry would blow over or leak in storms. I really found myself there, battled demons and came out the other side to know who I am what I stand for and hope strong I really am.

What’s the old saying good fences make good neighbor’s? I love the fence line at the farm and at Mike’s which is where the two fence photos are taken. I have been enjoying the fall flowers at the farm. And I’ve enclosed two photos of the flowers with the barns in them. 

One of the best things about Mike is his love of the farm. He enjoys filling the water troughs interacting with the chickens sheep and horses. He usually goes with me at the afternoon feeding. My boss always teases me as to where Mike is in the morning. Mike is not really a morning person. Usually Mike watches me feed everyone and usually refills the chicken waterers. Last week he surprised me when he marched into the chicken house after me and started feeding the chickens while I gathered the eggs. He then got the horses feed ready and even set up the feed buckets on the fence line for me. He does not feel comfortable going into the field to let the horses into their night pasture so I do that. It is a treat to have someone help me feed at nights and I was surprised when I did not have to tell him how much to feed or where everything is.

We head to Maine next weekend to vacation with my family. I can’t wait for them to meet him. We are driving which should be interesting as Mike is not much of a talker in the car. I will be bringing my audiobooks to play when he is quiet. 

Before I go did anyone see the lunar eclipse? I was sad the day of as it was so cloudy and the forecast was not looking good but at sunset the clouds left and we were able to see it. It was besutiful! I hope you get to enjoy the fall colors and cooler weather. Namaste 

Autumn and Wool


Good gracious life can move fast. I’ve been working extra jobs to have a fun vacation in October. Mike and I are looking to splurge on a large quantity of maple syrup. I got him to stop using fake syrup and now he is addicted to real maple syrup. I am looking forward to sharing with Mike my love of Maine and how different the coast is up north than what we have in Maryland and Delaware. He is looking forward to lobsters too. It is the first time I have ever taken anyone with me to Maine. Even growing up I never took a friend with me like my sister did. I cherished my time to unwind when I was growing up as well as now. I am excited to have a man in my life like Mike. He has embraced my love of fall with pumpkins and mums on his porch. 

The sheep are getting their wool for the winter. I have been amazed at how much sooner the sun goes down than it did just a month ago. I know the days grow shorter after the summer solstice and pretty soon I will heading to ups in the dark. But I do look forward to the stars in the fall and winter sky. I’ve missed Orion. I’m hoping to see Sunday’s lunar eclipse but it looks like it will be cloudy. 

I hope you get to see the eclipse and that you embrace fall too!

Yellow Flowers & Academy of Arts Museum

I was cleaning out my phone to make space for memory when I came across a few I really liked and zoomed in for close ups. As you know I love yellow. It is a happy color to me. Though I am learning to appreciate blues more. The flowers are starting to die off as summer winds down and fall moves in. I love mums in the fall and Mike let me put three pots of mums on his side porch. 

I recently purchased an original oil painting at the Academy of the Arts Museum in Easton member show. Members are permitted to enter one piece of artwork for display and am outside judge comes in to judge it. Mike gamely went with me to the show. We usually go to the museum on Sunday mornings after the farm when it is quiet and most people are either sleeping in or at church. I tried to purchase a ceramic piece a pet sitting client made but it was already taken. I asked about a painting and was excited to find out it was not sold yet so I purchased it. It is a painting of a local priest blessing some pets during the annual blessing of the pets some of the churches observe. When I went to pick it up I was told how much I made the artist’s day as prior to her coming to pick up the painting no one told her it had sold. It warmed my heart to know I had made her day. I can’t wait to hang the painting. 

The church photo is of an church across the street from the art museum. They recently removed all the stained glass windows from the church and replaced them with clear windows. At night I enjoy driving by it at night on my way home from work.

I have some new books coming in the mail and can’t wait to start them. They range from history, biographies and autobiographies to animal stories. Mike and I have been enjoying How the Universe Works on the science channel. I recently have acquired some science and history courses from the Great Courses catalog. I can’t wait to view them too. I love to learn can you tell?

I hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend and find peace, joy and grace as you go.

Philadelphia, Art & Mike

  I went  to the Philadelphia Museum of Art with my mom in mid August.  We saw an Impressionist exhibit. It was a large exhibit. Some of the paintings had not been shown together since first painted. My favorites were Renior’s three dancing couples. I also loved a circus painting by Degas. It was a great afternoon. Leaving the musuem we missed a turn due to detours caused by the city preparing for Pope Francie visit this month. Besides enjoying the exhibit it was the first time I noticed my mom slowing down a little. She for the first time did not want to take the stairs but opted for the elavator when offered. She is a few months shy of eighty. But true to my mom nothing slows her down. I found city driving a little stressful and she kept saying I’ll drive. I persevered and we managed to find our way out of the city and back to the farm land where we live. I love living in the quiet countryj but do love my forays into the city. The first two photos are from the day in Philly. The first is the poster in the elavator. 

As always I enjoy photographing bees and flowers and captured a bee in the white flower. 

Things are going well with Mike. That’s him filling a water trough for me. We have great conversations and for the first time in a very long time I’m discussing a future with someone. We have serious discussions when needed but also love making each other laugh. The best thing he said to me recently was the comfort he felt in our silences while sitting outside at night looking at the stars. Comfort in silence is amazing and not always having to talk is wonderful. 

We attended an art exhibit at the local museum and we enjoy going on Sundays when the assistant curator is st the front desk and most people are in church. We had the museum to ourselves and the assistant curator engaged is in conversation over some of the art and techniques used in some of the mediums. I love how welcome she makes us feel especially Mike who can intimidate some with his looks of the bald head, sleeve tattoo and military walk. He can be very shy so I love when people engage him. 

I’m looking forward to visiting Maine in October. Do you look forward to anything about fall? It’s my favorite season. I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend if in the US and a great weekend if not. Namaste 

Ps I took the sunset picture at work. Beauty can be found even in trucking yards.

Windows and A Peaceable Kingdom


Pet Sitting, Josephine & No Drama

I am busy with pet sitting the next few weeks. I am astounded by how many people are calling me to try and book me. I have more than enough to keep me busy. I am at the point I can pick and choose which jobs to take. I am often taken aback when people call me to check my availability prior to booking vacations.  I took the first photo of the Terra cotta warrior in one of the gardens where I house sit. I love it.

The second and third photos are of Josephine with myself and Mike. She has won over Mike with her charm and marches up to him to get attention. She loves her cheeks and ears rubbed. Some days she wants attention other days not so much. She is free to approach us in the pasture and also leave so when she does come to spend time with us it is kind of cool. A lamb is also enamored with mike. She escapes the pasture by crawling through the fence. I stop the car to round her up but she ignores me and runs to mike and let’s him herd her back into the pasture while I open the gate. Besides Mike’s quiet soul I notice he gets down to the particular animals eye level when he interacts with them. I’ve watched him gently capture hummingbirds and mockingbirds trapped in a greenhouse and they calm down until he is able to free them. 

I walked into the sunflower field this week to find them heavy with seeds and the birds, deer and squirrels are loving them. I love photographing them even when they are half eaten. 

I have been enjoying getting to know Mike and find myself adjusting to a relationship. I find it is helping me in other relationships and making me realize too some friendships have run their course. It is part of life people come and go and all teach us a lesson. I have tired of drama years ago and am tired of those who need it in their lives I understand some people need it to function but not me. I have found being around mike and his way of approaching things has made me realize I am ready to let go of some things I thought I needed. 

I am excited to start the book Hollow City the second in the series of Miss Peregrines Home for Peciluar Children. I really enjoyed the first book. 

Have a great Wednesday!

A Little Bit of Art & Nature

Last Sunday capped off the week of the Plein Air Festival in Easton. Mike and I parked in the public parking lot in my town and walked up town. Sunday was the children’s quick draw contest in which artists under eighteen compete to produce a painting in two hours. They had a two block area to choose their subject. Some stayed on the Main Street painting pictures of the colorfu buildings. Others chose to vehture out a little. I admired one young girl who squeezed herself next to a huge ducks sculpture to paint the church across the street. There were also painting demonstrations, art for sale and music. Mike and I started in the old armory building where all the artists had works for sale that they had painted that week. I could pick out most of the locations the artists chose to paint. I included one photo of a painting in which I saw the artist paint during the week. I loved he chose the mill and silos. A lot of the artists were enchanted by the silos in the center of town as well as the belted cattle herd just outside of town. The best part of looking at all the paintings were the friendly volunteers offering to show the artwork in better light. They never assumed we could not afford any of the art. I am drawn to the paintings of nighttime scenes. We ventured to the academy of the arts to view the winning paintings. It was packed with people so Mike and I sat on the bench in the middle of each gallery to view the works as people walked by. I love that mike will attend art shows with me. He leaned over to tell me at one point I’m bringing culture and science to his life. I pointed out he was teaching me bird calls and other aspects of nature I had no idea existed.
Yesterday we went out to lunch and then on a whim went to Killens Pond State Park in Delaware.  It was a beautiful day with little humidity. 

I have after being with Mike I am feeling a need to downsize my things , clothes art and music. After visiting him at his place and his minimal way of living without many possessions I find when I come home my apartment is crowded with books, art and knock knacks. I’ll see if I am actually inspired to box things up and donate them.

I find myself in a place of much uncertainty but much happiness. I’m not sure where this relationship will go but I am enjoying it very much. I learned I can love again and be at peace.

I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend and repotting some houseplants. I hope you have a great weekend.



Love, Family & Flowers


Time got away from me once my vacation started. I spent four lovely days with Mike who is pictured in the first photo with Josephine the ewe. We got to know each other better though cooking, talking and spending time together. The relationship is going far better than I had hoped for when imagining what a relationship would look like for me. I’m often surprised recently at people who tell me how lucky I am to find love in my mid forties as if love is only the domain of the young. I have dated more in my forties than I ever did in my twenties and thirties. I was happily single and through trial and error on five different dating sites I narrowed down for me what I was looking for in a relationship. My mom married her third husband in her early seventies and I have friends who have found love in their eighties. I have not wanted to settle for a partner just so I’m not alone. I’m happy with myself and took a chance on a man who I may have passed by before. We have much in common between a love of animals, science, the night sky and birds. 

Another part of my vacation involved heading to New Hampshire for my oldest nephew’s wedding. It was a great time. I shared my room with my other nephew. Upon arriving I joined most of my family for a dinner at the tiki bar on the lake. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my oldest sister’s family Saturday afternoon prior to the wedding. I got to know my nieces better as we don’t always get to see each other between college and work schedules. It really meant a lot to me. The wedding itself was beautiful on many levels. My nephew and his wife make a happy couple and I have my nephew to thank for encouraging me to seek new relationships and not give up. That’s me waiting for the ceremony to start. 

With all the rain we have gotten the flowers have exploded. Lilies black eyed Susan’s and magnolias. I love them all. 

We have had some bangers of storms and the last photo was taken after a particularly nasty storm blew through and then just before sunset the sun broke through producing the amazing color sky. 

What are your plans for the Fourth of July?  

Just wanted to thank everyone who stops by to check out my blog I’m especially thankful for those who continued to check it over the last month in spite of no new posts. I love interacting with everyone. Happy Fourth of July if you live in the United States and happy Saturday if you live elsewhere .


Vacation, Love & Sharing


I’m getting ready for a week and a half vacation from both UPS and pet sitting. It has been eight months since I have been off from both jobs. I will finally have time to see my boyfriend’s place this weekend. He brought me an early birthday present today-a DVD set I asked for. I can’t wait to watch it. He is also making me dinner for my birthday. It’s been a long time since a man has cooked for me. It is an exciting time for me. The new man and I have been able to spend about three days a week together. I took him to meet my Mom and stepdad this past weekend. It went really well. The best part is I have taken him to two art shows in the past two weeks and he happily goes. He is a keeper.

I’m looking forward to my nephew’s wedding next weekend. I tried on my dress last night and it fits! Yahoo! The wedding is in New Hampshire. I’ve never been to the lake where the wedding is being held. 

A coworker brought his sons to work tonight and they were quite precocious. They came into my office and my coworker pointed out my wild shoes to his sons. One showed me his shoes while the other crouched down and wanted a closer look at my shoes. They loved them told me have fun as they were going with their dad to get ice cream. I got a kick out the kids. Another coworker’s wife had a baby recently and he shared pictures of the newborn with me. He told me all about the birth too and was astonished the doctors asked if he wanted to be at the business end during the birth. He told me he just kept fanning his wife’s face to help keep her cool. He had me laughing out loud telling me the story.

And now for the photos. The first one I took at the farm with the rose trellis. The second photo is irises at my mom’s the third is a photo of my new man with my mom. Josephine makes me laugh the way she uses fence posts and buckets to use as a pillow. I love the head shot of flash. 

I hope may has treated you well and the weather is fair where you are. May June bring happiness and peace. Namaste.

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