Flowers & A Good Weekend






The weather has been lovely the past two weeks. Warm and sunny. Wonderfully clear night skies-great for viewing Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and of course the moon. A lunar eclipse is coming on Tuesday. I’m really hoping that the weathermen are incorrect and the skies will be clear that evening. You can check out the lineup of Jupiter, the moon, Mars and Saturn after 10:30pm daylight savings time for the east coast. I love looking at them!

Monday is my Dad’s birthday. He would have turned 80 this year. I’m trying to think of something to do that day to commentate his life. I’ve been thinking about doing eighty random acts of kindness for a week. My dad had his faults as we all do but as time has passed I find it easier to remember the good and acknowledge the bumpy times but not dwell on them. I learned a lot from my dad in the twenty four he was alive for my life. Lately I have found that I have learned a lot from my Mom too but I take the time to tell her. I value the fact she is healthy, spunky and we can talk.

The photos I have chosen for this post include a ewe with her lambs and some of my favorite flowers that I have photographed over the past week. As you can tell I love yellow! I miss being able to paint my place the colors I would like but most landlords are not crazy about tenants painting their places. I think it is one of the reasons I have so much artwork. Covers the wall color.

I am looking forward to a trip to Assateague Island tomorrow. A good friend and myself are headed down there for the day. It supposed to be sunny and warm so I’m thinking the ponies will not outnumber the people tomorrow as they did on our last visit in November. I hope to see the ponies and look forward to exploring another section of the Island.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend , that the weather is good where you are and as always thank you for stopping by!

My Weekends















Looking Back & Forward





I had not realized I had been in a bit of a late winter funk until I realized how long it has been since I have written on here. I have enjoyed spring’s arrival though did find myself a bit wary to accept that it was here. It seems like this past winter we would have cold spells then very warm weather then immediately after the warm weather we would have a snow storm with howling winds. Looking back over my photos of the past two years I found the flowers are blooming two to three weeks later this year. I have enjoyed the daffodils blooming and spring peeper frogs peeping.

Over the winter I acquired many books to read, many non fiction and some fiction. I really get a kick out of children’s fiction and young adult fiction. I’m currently reading Margaret Peterson Haddix The Missing Series. I find children and young adult fiction to be as entertaining and intelligent as most adult fiction books. And they can be a welcome distraction from all of life’s seriousness.

The osprey have returned again from South America. They have been hunting on the river and the ponds out front. The turkeys have been strutting with their feathers all spread. The Canada geese for the most part have gone home. Probably the best bird I saw recently was a pileated woodpecker.

I have recently returned to a job where I am caring for horses, chickens and sheep including ewes that are lambing. The lamb I included in the photo is a freckle face like me. I really like her. I’m getting the hang of being around sheep again. It was a bit overwhelming the first two weeks with many ewes lambing, some lambs had to be bottle fed. I’m much more comfortable caring for horses but getting better with the sheep.

The bottom two pictures are flashes from my past. The first one is of my very first horse trial at Olde Hope Farm in Earleviile MD. The horse Red and I finished second in dressage and second overall in our class. We jumped clean in cross country and stadium jumping. It was a lot of fun. Red knew far more than I did and showed me the ropes. I enjoyed it very much and have the utmost respect for eventers but my love lies in dressage.

The last photo is of me coaching a student of mine at a local show. I really love to teach and coach and really want to get back to riding again. I love teaching, helping riders and horses connect, relax, work together and be happy.

One thing making me happy these days besides my friends is the cat sitting next to me now. It is the neighbor’s cat who recently decided I was pretty cool to hang out with at night. She waits for me to get off work and then hangs with me for ten minutes to a couple of hours.
I hope you are enjoying the beginning of spring. Have a great Friday!! Thanks as always for reading.



A Rambling Saturday & Cosmos





I’ve been enjoying the night sky the last few weeks. I look forward to Jupiter shining bright along with Sirius and Orion. The full moon tonight was amazing. I was at a job waiting for the animals to finish eating, as the sun was setting in the west with beautiful colors the full moon was rising in the east. I’ve been trying to teach myself sections of the sky each month. I think I’m getting better. The best tonight was standing outside observing the sky and the full moon while listening to the spring peeper frogs call. They are my all time favorite spring noise.

One of my best friends took the pictures of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge as she was flying into BWI. I always loved the way the bridge looked. I enjoy driving over the eastbound span but every so often the westbound span unnerves me. I think it is because I can see through the sides of the bridge and the long climb to the top of the bridge before you head down to the curve in the bridge. The eastbound span I can’t see through the sides and the climb to the top is quick. I often feel as my dad did when he crossed the eastbound span he was home even though it was still another half hour drive to our town. I like the picture my friend took as you can ship passing under the bridge. Sometimes when I cross the bridge there are as many as twelve ships lined up anchored waiting for the pilots to take the up the bay into Baltimore.

When I was feeding hay to some horses today I heard a thunk. My first thought was damn that was big rock baled in that hay. I was shocked to find it was an egg a chicken had laid on the bale and I had not seen. Surprisingly it did not break or crack. Go figure. Drop a carton from the grocery store they all break, this one fell hard and I really thought it was a rock. The picture of the egg I have shown is of another egg I found with the hay not the one that fell.

I decided that the man who recently came back into my life after a lengthy absence is best kept as a friend. I enjoy having many friends. I want to make sure whomever I decide to date makes me happy as I do them. And being the Gemini I am I need communication. I hate having to read minds.

I found the sweet spring flowers in a yard where I pet sit. I love them. I’ve been waiting for the daffodils to bloom but I think it may be another week. Today it was sixty five degrees out tomorrow night we are expecting six inches of snow. Just as nice as the spring flowers was running into a man walking his dog, we chatted for a minute or so. We’ve passed each other for the past year or so walking dogs. He is always walking his dogs while I’m walking others dogs. He makes me smile as do his dogs.

Have you seen the show Cosmos? The first in the series was last week. It was great. I remember watching Carl Sagan’s original Cosmos as a child and being inspired. If you get a chance do check it out!

And so you don’t think I am all nerd/geek I’m heading out this coming weekend to see the new Muppet movie. I love the Muppets.

I hope you have a great weekend and upcoming week. Happy St Patrick’s Day if you celebrate it. I hope spring is coming soon to where you live or fall if you are in the Southern Hemisphere. Thanks for hanging in on this rambling blog post.

A Clam, An Oyster & The Night Sky





We are expecting a fair amount of snow in the morning. So yesterday I did my grocery shopping, book and magazine shopping and stocked up on my sangria and mead wine. I always hope for a state of emergency with a travel restriction as that is the only time my night time job closes. Otherwise you better show up-rain, snow, sleet, hurricane or tornado. I enjoyed the freedom of having time to prepare and also living alone I only have to worry about myself.

Today I went and checked on two properties I care for and took the pictures above. I wanted to make sure the properties were fine before the snow and ice hit. It was fifty five degrees today and gray. I walked the property by the river and enjoyed the Canada geese and hundreds of bufflehead ducks on the river. I loved hearing them call along with the cows across the river. I got a kick out of finding the clam and oyster on the bank of the river. Not sure if high tide put them there or birds but I enjoyed seeing them. I stood on the riverbank for a while watching the birds on the river and just feeling the winds blow. It is hard to believe we are getting a major storm in a few hours.

Tonight while hunkering down in my cozy apartment I decided I needed to stop living in a semi limbo. I had not hung up some pictures as I was not sure if I would have to take them down to move. But tonight I hung three pictures and decided that I need to remember to live mindfully and not so far in the future. The new owners may want me to stay on.

I have found myself very connected lately to nature and in tune with what is happening around me. I loved working for a coworker this past week and being able to work outside at night. I enjoyed beautiful sunsets, zodiacal light, a rainbow, the space station and a meteor. Standing outside at night with the stars, planets, dark matter and all the universe I feel centered and connected, at peace.

So with the oncoming snow and cold I wish for all of you-happiness, peace and warmth. And in closing one final shot that spring is not too far away.


I myself will know spring is here with the spring peepers!
Happy March!

Sunsets, Zodiacal Light & Oxford Park








I filled in for a coworker this week and was treated to some fabulous sunsets, a fireball meteor and the Space Station going overhead. Usually I’m inside the building for my job duties but in doing my coworker’s job I was outside for most of the week. I loved it . The final picture is of Oxford Park in Oxford MD. I bought my lunch and parked my car and enjoyed the view. If it wasn’t so cold with the wind blowing off the river would have gotten out and sat by the river. It is a beautiful park and one of my favorites.

Skies, Clouds & Birds




We have had some amazing skies the last four days. First the clouds danced across the sky, sometimes angry, sometimes funky. Lovely sunsets followed. Friday we had howling winds, a tornado watch, thunder, lightening, and downpours but it led into a stunning rainbow and a beautiful sunset. This weekend it was lovely, warm with blue skies . I started to see the first of the Canada geese leave for their homes up north. The geese I saw leaving were up a couple thousand feet and heading north. I took all the pictures shown in the last three days.

Life is funny with its twists and turns. I had a man reappear in my life unexpectedly this past week. What he shared with me was not what I was expecting. I need to decide if I want to open my heart to him or remain as acquaintances as we have been the last few years. My heart leapt in my throat when I saw his face again. I am torn. It’s interesting but when I am most unsure in my life is when I am most in tune with animals. Be it the pets I care for or animals I encounter in nature.

While out photographing the sunsets the past two nights the neighbor’s cat joins me. I enjoy the companionship and am touched that she wants to hang out with me. I often wonder what she sees on our walks. She seems to know when I need company.

I have seen many kingfishers, eagles and robins lately. I was excited to see a pileated woodpecker. They are always stunning. I’m looking forward to the spring peeper frogs. I love their calls most of all.

Well now that I’ve reached the end of this post I have realized I think I’m ready for spring as I am sure most of you are. Do you have any favorite sites or sounds that spell spring for you?

Shades of Gray







These were all taken Thursday February 20, 2014. The skies were amazing with the clouds ever changing . I loved it! These are all in color by the way not black and white. The sky and clouds were gray today. And it was warm in the mid 50′s.

Hanging Out & My Dad




I am currently walking many dogs every day. One of my favorites is Hawk who is shown above. He sits at the window observing the world and is fairly happy go lucky while out walking. He doesn’t mind me listening to music or various NPR shows that I have downloaded. I am addicted to Radiolab. I get a kick out of Hawks personality. He is laid back but active on the walks. He likes to play and is happy to just hang out too. Saturday afternoon we sat on the stairs of his back porch and watched the geese and planes fly over.

I loved the angles and color of the middle picture. I stood in the entryway of a house I care for and looked up.

I am off this week from my night time job and have already read two books. I’ve listened to a lot of audiobooks and music and just sat in silence. My friend Jenn brought me over a special edition set of Harry Potter books that I had ordered when she ordered a set. It is a beautiful set. I love it. I’m looking forward to catching up on some magazines and watching some dressage DVDs.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what would have been my ten year anniversary coming up. I am hoping my ex does not call as he is prone to do on anniversaries and birthdays. I don’t answer. It is strange to me he feels the need to reach out on those dates.

The other significant date coming up for me is my dad’s death. This year will be twenty years that he has been gone. It has been quite a journey since his death. I would have to say it is probably the one event that has shaped my life the most. He died suddenly and I learned to not take a day for granted. I try not to take people for granted. I am more sympathetic to people who are grieving and it has definitely carried over oddly enough to my pet sitting when people’s pets die. My dad was key in my pursuing horses. He found the stable where I first learned to ride, we explored four different colleges looking for animal science programs and he supported my decision to specialize with horses. My mom nurtured my horse experiences as well driving me to many shows as a child to watch the stars ride. Heck we went to see the Spanish Riding School in DC when I was 38. It was spectacular. Back to my dad, he as you know always encouraged me to write, draw and read. What I miss most is talking to him. Every once on a great while I get real excited about something and start to phone him before I remember he is no longer here and how long it has been. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and not twenty years ago.
Many say I have his mannerisms and look like him. I hope I do him proud. Here is a picture of he and I when I was around twelve. It was Easter Sunday. We were goofing off.


Ten Years On. & The Future




When I went to the post office today I had my yearly reminder from the ring company where I purchased my wedding rings that my anniversary was coming up. Mind you my marriage lasted less than a month and a half but I’ve never taken the time to let the company know my marriage did not last. What surprised me about the letter this year was that this year would have been our ten year anniversary. I was devastated when my husband wanted a divorce after such a brief marriage but now it realize it was in fact a blessing in disguise. I won’t bore you with the details of our wedding and subsequent divorce but will say I did love the rings we picked out. I made sure I took both rings with me when I left and after about ten months I was reading a magazine that had an article about a woman who made jewelry and one piece of jewelry she made were divorce bracelets. I loved the idea of still being able to wear my ring but in a different form. I also picked out some stones to go with my ring. It was very healing to melt down the ring to a ball of gold and in a few weeks I had a phone call saying my bracelet was complete. I love it and made a bracelet for my Mom out of my ex-husband’s ring. My Mom was there for me when my husband left so I thought it was a good gift to her. I wear my bracelet every day as I love it and it reminds me of a commitment I made to myself and a higher power.


As I look forward to the future, live in the present and remember the past I am amazed at where I am as compared to ten years ago. I am in a much better place and am blessed by my family and friends. One event I’m looking forward to next year is my nephew Jeremy’s wedding to his fiancé Justine. I really enjoy their company. They have visited me and my Mom a number of times over the years and I always stop and see them when I’m in New England. The thing I am most excited about is the possibility of bring a flower girl for their wedding. I have been a bride, bridesmaid and maid of honor but never a flower girl. Hoping I make the cut! I love them and am happy to see them getting married.

I have tomorrow off at my night time job and am looking forward to the break. I have pet sitting jobs consisting of some dog walks. But I have more free time so I am visiting a friend and heading to the Academy of the Arts for the annual Children’s and Young Adults art exhibit. I am also enjoying a book Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children. I love reading children’s and young adult books as much if not more than adult books. It is one of my goals to write a children’s book.

Do you find yourself at a place you never thought you’d be at if someone had asked you ten years ago where you would be? I hope you have some fun goals for yourself and have a beautiful Tuesday!! Thanks for reading.

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